Wholly Committed

I have to admit, my desire to be committed to the journey of saying yes to God is beginning to wane. I decided to be fully committed to doing my online bible study about two weeks ago when it began. I was getting involved and participating. But, desire is starting to taper off, the newness and excitement is fading.  I became distracted with small stresses having two young ones going back to school. I was able to divvy up the walk-thrus with my husband, which were at the same time but in two different schools in opposite directions. He took our son and I took our girls. One had a supply kit so that was taken care of and for the other, we (I mean my husband) had to fight the other moms and dads for the last remaining supplies in Wal-mart. I am sure there are a few last minute shoppers who can relate to sending your son to school with a princess folder because it was the only 3 holed two pocket folder left. You just secretly hope there will be a fellow last minute shopper with a poor girl lugging a teenage mutant ninja turtles folder to trade with your son. Thankfully everyone survived with appropriate themed folders and made it through the first day yesterday. Now, it is just settling into the routine and getting caught up on the household tasks, and enjoying the free time.

I had some free time while my 1 year old was napping and I decided to take a look at the bible study blog and see what the post was for today. I saw it was the blog hop for today.  I thought “Oh right, it’s blog hop Thursday.” To be honest, I did cringe a little inwardly. I love sharing my heart, and reading the other blogs of my fellow sisters in Christ. But at that moment it seemed like a huge task to think about after all the busyness of the past couple days and I had already missed the facebook party.  So I thought to myself, “Well, maybe I won’t do it but I’ll look at the topics to share and think about it inwardly.” Then there in bold print it said “Wholly Committed.” Right there was truly a message from God to me! I really felt like it was just for me! It’s true! I committed to doing this, I committed to saying “yes”. That means being wholly committed, then the note under that said “is God calling you to a deeper level of  commitment?” I wanted to shout “Yes!” because right then I knew it was God speaking to me as I was reading those very words. He was reminding me to keep pressing forward and to not let that desire to do what He wants, fade. So here I am, saying “yes” to God and pressing through to being truly and wholly committed.


6 thoughts on “Wholly Committed

  1. Don’t you just love those little moments when you know God is talking just to you!! You know, the moments that just hit you between the eyes!! I like to call those God sightings, and you definitely had one today! God is so good and you are so faithful to continue to walk the path of saying Yes to God.

    Blessings )i(

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. If we are honest, we all experience times when we get discouraged and even sidetracked into thinking that we don’t have time to stop (some of the things that we’re doing )and rest before The Lord. The great thing is the He often gently reminds us that we do have time to stop and say yes to whatever He has called us to.

    • Thank you so much for reading. I am glad I am not alone in that feeling. Sometimes I hesitate to open up completely, but I want to be all in. I agree, love the way God brings me back to being focused on Him. It’s those moments I am so touched that He is reaching out to me when I have let the cares of the world draw me away, and I wonder why I ever left His feet to start with because it is truly the best place to be. God bless you!

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